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As well as personal mobility to achieve speed, achievement, and safety, and with the passage of time, and the increase in experience, the automobile industry began to develop, and it is done with the latest technologies and engines until it reached what it is now. Each of them had the freedom to move around, shop, and perform the various activities that they wanted to do without the help of anyone, and the days passed, and car brands began to spread in all countries of the world, as they became an important means to facilitate life, achieve comfort, and safety.[1]

The history of the invention of the car
Carl Benz, a professional car engineer and skilled engine designer, designed the first car and built it with an Otto gasoline engine in 1558 AD. He also registered a patent for this work, and that was in the following year in January 1886 AD.

The benefits of the car in our lives
With the beginning of the movement of car production, it was very expensive, so limited-income people could not buy or own it, but with the increase in the movement of production, its price began to decrease, and most people began to be able to buy it, as cars had an important role and a great influence in the general lifestyle of all people in all countries.

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