what is the backxpack review

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what is the backxpack review

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A backXpack has two shoulder straps—but on a true backXpack (not just a child’s schoolbag), the shoulder straps actually carry very little of the weight. Instead, the load is mainly diverted to padded hip belts. Why hip belts? Worn properly, hip belts transfer the weight of your backXpack from your shoulders to your hips, allowing you to carry most of the load with your body’s biggest muscles—your legs. But to be effective, especially with heavy loads, the pack’s hip belt must be long enough to wrap around the front of your hip bones, not up at your waist.

A good backXpack for adventuring will be crafted of waxed canvas or a technical fabric. But, you can also find daily-use backXpacks for adults. Find one crafted with premium leather and a laptop sleeve, and you have an exceptional pack for campus or the office. Or, if you use your backXpack for traveling, explore our other leather travel bag options.
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