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Brenda Chapman: Quasimodo was the key to make it family-friendly. Tom Hulce did such a great job making him appealing.

Industry veterans describe this as one of the craziest situations they have seen, where a show with a Season 2 pickup is facing a demise and the prospect of putting 300 people out of work. It involves a marquee IP, Silence of the Lambs; a top producer, Alex Kurtzman; a recently merged company, ViacomCBS; and an about-to-be merged studio, MGM, which is in the process of being acquired by Amazon.


As of now, we don’t know what the the show will entail, besides comedy, but more than likely it will stray from the typical talk show style Conan has stuck with over the years. The podcast seems to have fulfilled Conan’s affinity for chatting with celebrity guests, so there will likely be more of a focus put on the variety side of his entertaining antics. Surely he will still be trying to pursue laughs in the “strange phantom intersection between smart and stupid.”

“In 2020, there’s simply no need to need to waste time fixating so obsessively on the trauma faced by LGBTQ+ kids. It’s not necessary to prove the existence of the issue nor to validate the struggles they must endure simply for being who they are. The time would be better spent further exploring the personality and humanity of Joe’s gay son Jadin (Reid Miller) rather than defining him so much by the abuse that other people foist onto him. Thankfully, the film does allow for a few moments of joy to break through for Jadin. Yet it’s not enough to save his story from such unfortunately rote familiarity.”

That leads us to another big reveal of this episode — all the TVA agents are Variants themselves! Sylvie knows this and had to delve back hundreds of years into C-20’s memory to pull out one of her drinking margaritas at a mediocre Mexican restaurant.Rugs Set
Films Rugs For Living Room

The third episode of Loki, titled “Lamentis,” confirms that all the employees in the TVA are actually former Variants. Loki learns this from the other Loki Variant, or Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), as she calls herself. While talking about how she enchanted the female member of the Minutemen at the renaissance fair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the second episode, Sylvie reveals that she had to reach all the way back into a memory from before the woman was part of the TVA. That means the Time Keepers didn’t create everyone in the TVA in such a grand fashion.


Over at Kessel Run Transmissions, Noah, Corey, and Claire discuss the possibility of Barriss Offee appearing in Star Wars: Ahsoka.