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The history of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore


After nearly 27 years of brewing, the second launch of Audemars Piguet's sports watch proved to be a bold decision, and it has now become the driving force behind the real new success. We are happy to give you a brief introduction to its history and its first limited-edition series to better understand the milestones achieved by the series and what made it today.

Stephen Urquhart, the CEO of CA at the time, had already begun to consider launching a new version of Royal Oak that could attract young customers as early as 1989. Although we attribute the first Royal Oak design to Gérald Genta in 1971, the Royal Oak Offshore debuted in 1991 under the pen of watch designer Emmanuel Gueit, who collaborated with Jacqueline Dimier.

For Audemars Piguet, promoted by Stephen Urquhart, it was a risky new venture, when no one in the watchmaking industry had seen a watch of this size. Nonetheless, the launch of the series and its success are reminiscent of the bold poker move when the Royal Oak was launched in 1972, when the market least anticipated it.

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Royal-Oak Offshore was originally scheduled to be launched in 1992 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Royal Oak (same as Royal Oak’s anniversary model 14802ST...) uncertainty and last-minute modifications delayed the launch of Royal Oak Offshore until 1993 Basel edition.

The model of the first edition was 25721ST, and it was quickly nicknamed "The Beast" because of its spectacular size unprecedented in watchmaking.

The Royal Oak Offshore is the result of various updates to Genta's original design. It uses a thicker bezel gasket, a thicker antimagnetic case, and a curved strap.

Unsure of the name of the series (almost called the "challenger"), the offshore engraving only appeared on the back of the case after the first one hundred copies were copied.

The Offshore collection allowed Audemars Piguet to innovate and revitalize the brand in 1996 by combining a less classic and "more interesting" watch design with a leather strap and a colorful dial.High Quality Replica watches

The Royal Oak Offshore is an excellent source of Audemars Piguet's creativity, research and innovation. Audemars Piguet has made a bold choice and introduced many materials that have never been used in the watch industry before (forged carbon case, The introduction of titanium, ceramic bezels, and even rubber bezels and buttons developed by Dupont are called "Therban" and follow a strict set of specifications.

The Offshore series also allowed Audemars Piguet to launch a number of limited edition series as early as 1999, the first of which is the "End Of Days" series, which is famous for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The watch is characterized by its innovative design and innovative choice of timepiece materials, the use of PVD treated case and Kevlar bracelet, which is unprecedented in the watchmaking industry.

The offshore series gave Audemars Piguet the opportunity to produce the first forged carbon watch cases (now widely used by competitors such as Richard Mille), because this material comes directly from the aerospace industry and is appreciated for its strength and extreme lightness, despite it It is magnificent.1:1 Quality Replica wathes

The impact of motorsport
The Royal Oak Offshore series is famous for its limited edition series related to the racing world. Here, let us look back at the most famous series since Octavio Garcia became the "art director" in 2003.

• Montoya Limited Series
Around 2003-Limited editions of titanium, rose gold and platinum. One of the first limited edition series with a racer. This model features a "carbon fiber" bezel and leather strap, similar to the interior seat interior of a racing car.

«Grand Prix» Limited Series
The Grand Prix version was designed by Philippe Vaptzarof (a designer who joined Audemars Piguet in 2004 with a background in the automotive industry) and was unveiled in 2010. It is the second Royal Oak offshore model with a forged carbon fiber case. The model is surprisingly lightweight. The dial exudes the atmosphere of the racing world, and the three yami are similar to a car counter. The case size is 44MM.

Available in three versions (white, black or midnight blue dial): platinum, 18K gold, grade 5 titanium. The case is 42MM and the movement is 2326/2840. The materials used come directly from the automotive industry, with ceramic frames and buttons, which are favored for their lightness and high scratch resistance.replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa

Schumacher Limited Edition 2012:
In order to pay tribute to racers who particularly like the Offshore series, this watch is equipped with a 44 mm case. Its production volume: 1,000 pieces of titanium, 500 pieces of rose gold, and 100 pieces of platinum.

The seven small stars symbolize the seven world championship titles won by the driver (blue symbolizes Benetton in 1994 and 1995, and red symbolizes Ferrari from 2000 to 2004).

"Survivor" Limited Edition
In 2008, the "Survivor" series reached the pinnacle of the most "different" design, limited to 1,000 units. The titanium case is treated with PVD ​​, and then installed with a ceramic bezel and button protector, giving it an extraordinary appearance.

Royal Oak Offshore Diver
The Diver series was launched in 2010 and is specially designed for diving. A rotating disc is integrated into the case, allowing you to keep a fixed bezel while keeping a close eye on the diving time. The crown at 11 o'clock can interact with the rotating disc.replica watches usa

The first version was model 15703; it was upgraded to model 15710 in 2015 and now has a sapphire crystal on the back to show its manufacturing caliber 3120 (same as Royal Oak reference number 15400). The sapphire back has a slight effect on the thickness of the case, increasing to 14.10 mm (as opposed to the 13.90 mm of the solid back model 15703). The Royal Oak Offshore has a 42 mm case.

Model 26237ST-Re-editing of "The Beast"
As a tribute to the 1993 model 25721, Audemars Piguet revisited the first offshore watch designed by Emmanuel Gueit in 2018. The current model of this model is 26237ST, and has been improved through the latest technological advances, especially in the movement.replica Girard Perregaux watches


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