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Chaque dimanche à 20h, une émission de radio est animée par le Conseil Citoyens du quartier Est de Saint-Brieuc ! Cette émission est à écouter sur CobFm et ensuite en Podcast !
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That’s one of the things you have to do when you’re A) new to the NFL B) employed by a forgettable franchise and C) give a crap what anyone thinks.NFL Cincinnati Bengals Team Face Coverings

The Chargers now have about $45 million of effective cap space — according to — which, as of Saturday afternoon, was the fifth-most in the NFL.NFL Carolina Panthers Team Face Coverings

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The one problem with the Bengals adding a player like Hendrickson is if the production will match the contract. Prior to 2020, he was a rotational defensive player that never recorded more than four sacks on the year. That was also last season. His first two years combined with the Saints? Two total sacks.NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Face Coverings

Miami's offering the most money, and the difference between their guarantee and the Jets' guarantee isn't as big as it looks, given that there's no state income tax in Florida. -- Graziano


When asked if the Texans are going to trade Watson, Culley said, "Deshaun Watson is a Houston Texan. And we're committed to him."NFL Green Bay Packers Team Face Coverings

Oliver is intriguing since he has played in just four games since the Jaguars made him one of their two third-round draft picks in 2019. Hamstring and back injuries limited him to just three catches in four games as a rookie and he missed the 2020 season with a broken foot. Expectations for him in 2021 are low, and anything he can give the Jaguars -- if he makes the roster -- should be considered a bonus.


One possible scenario and the reason the 49ers are letting themselves be tied so outwardly to Darnold is because of their relationship with Jets head coach Robert Saleh. Perhaps, and this is pure speculation, they’re ok with their perceived involvement leading to Darnold fetching New York a first-round pick. Again, that’s all a hypothetical, but it offers an explanation for all the smoke surrounding the 49ers and Darnold when someone as plugged in as Rapoport doesn’t believe they’ll actually be involved in a trade.