Fanatics Nba Face Masks, Toronto Raptors Face Coverings,

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Fanatics Nba Face Masks, Toronto Raptors Face Coverings,

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They went farther than any of last year's semifinalists, but they sorely missed Murray against the loaded Suns.Los Angeles Clippers Face Coverings

If Booker continues to play at an elite level, yes, the Suns can win their first NBA Finals ever.Toronto Raptors Face Coverings

The NBA has said intent doesn’t matter; it doesn’t want its officials trying to get in the heads of players and guess why they did something, they want to focus on results. But context should matter, and it didn’t to this officiating crew, which essentially ended any dreams of a Denver comeback. Phoenix went on to sweep the Nuggets out of the playoffs.Chicago Bulls Face Coverings
Fanatics Nba Face Masks

Asked what adjustments need to be made to better attack Philadelphia's amoebic defense, Young told reporters, "I don't know yet. We've got to figure it out the next couple of days. Obviously, if I had the answers, we wouldn't be talking about it right now." That leaves only one game, really, to crack the code.


For four games in the first round, the Bucks appeared to have quelled skepticism about their playoff viability, but the last two games against the Brooklyn Nets have reignited those doubts as they’ve fallen prey to the same issues that plagued them in previous years. Now, as in seasons before, Milwaukee stands near the brink of another demoralizing elimination, without so much as a workable formula for how to beat its opponent, searching for answers it may never find.Portland Trail Blazers Face Coverings

The Clippers stayed in it all night but didn’t have anything consistent going for the majority of it, and Tyronn Lue’s rotations being so funky probably had at least something to do with it. Kawhi Leonard led the team with 23 points, seven rebounds, three assists, one steal and one 3-pointer, but he was so good in the first round vs. Dallas (32.1 points per game on 61.8% shooting) that this represents a rather disappointing night for The Claw. Paul George hit a couple big shots late but was likewise underwhelming, knocking in only four of his 17 shots for 20 points, 10 rebounds, two dimes, three triples and two turnovers in 37 minutes. He was also great in the first round, but this series is (literally) a whole new ball game, so the Clippers’ studs need to be at their best every night against the tenacious Utah defense. The other three LA starters combined for just 24 points, including Reggie Jackson’s fouling issues, Marcus Morris’ inefficient night (4-of-14 FG) and Nicolas Batum just being Nicolas Batum. Luke Kennard led the way off the bench with 18 points and four triples in 29 minutes, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that he’s finally waken up.

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Elfrid Payton, Knicks: Payton would bring solid defense to the Bulls’ backcourt, but his offensive limitations were on display in an unceremonious second season with the Knicks, which ended with him being fully supplanted by Rose in the playoffs.