Kuwait carpet washing laundry

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Kuwait carpet washing laundry

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Every woman is interested in cleaning her house constantly, so that it looks tidy and organized, but some working women may be busy and cannot arrange the house daily, so you find the task of cleaning the house has become arduous as a result of not cleaning and organizing it constantly.. Here we offer you 4 mistakes you make that make your home unclean and difficult Your job is to clean it up.
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1- Laziness and not organizing the house always and all the time, is one of the most important mistakes you make and make your home difficult to clean, according to the British newspaper “Daily mail”.
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2- Leaving used tea cups in the ground and toothpaste anywhere in the bathroom and leaving everything in its place causes difficulty in cleaning the house and scattering of carpets everywhere, so the house becomes embarrassing for you if one of the guests suddenly visits you, according to what “Daily mail” mentioned. .
A recent British study conducted on two thousand people revealed that 6 out of 10 Britons are busy and do not clean their homes every week, but that one in 8 Britons did not clean their house with a broom this year.
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3- Not paying attention to the cleanliness of the refrigerator constantly and leaving food in it until it spoils is one of the most important mistakes that make your home dirty and a breeding ground for dirty germs, so you should take care to clean the refrigerator at least once a month and review the foods in it daily before they spoil.
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4- Leaving hair residues in the toilets, and not changing the family’s bed linens regularly, so you should throw the hair in the garbage after you finish styling your hair, and you should change the family’s sheets once a week.
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Kuwait carpet washing laundry

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